Saturday, May 1, 2010

When I Met You...

When I met you,
the stars became mine.
I could see the dreams
I'd cast upon them long ago.
And I realized,
for the first time,
that my dreams
weren't as far-fetched
and distant
as I'd imagined.

There was magic in the
way you said my name
that reached deep inside me
and lit up my world
like a sky full of stars.
I'd float through the days
with the deep and
overwhelming happiness
of a six-year old
on Christmas morning.

I became a new person.
I noticed that when I was
in the company of others,
I was suddenly
talking a little louder
and holding myself prouder,
because I carried you with me.
And all the while,
I felt like I was harboring
a wonderful secret,
a rare and splendid find
that brought the kind of bliss
no other mortal had ever felt.

You affected me
like nothing else
ever has or ever will.

By the way, did I mention
that you still make me feel
this way?

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